=== The Conference Room is a place in the Admin Panel, and is only accessible to admins, and friends. It started off as a joke, but then Falexin decided to make it an actual place, along with Bryan and Jonathan. Soon, it became the room for meetings for ideas of the server. Every Friend and Admin has a seat inside the the room, and 2 of them are not around the table, as those 2 had no room to fit in. On the outside, there is a balcony with knockback 10 sticks, to as Falexin said jokingly, "Toss the idiots out". If you see random splatting admins/friends, you know where it's from. The Conference Room isn't really unique, as it's just a wooden house with seats and a balcony. The Conference Room has a coffee machine, which randomly changes with bad potions, and 2 furnaces used for "making tea". The front of the conference room, where Falexin sits, is piled up with signs full of ideas. Most of the ideas did not make the final cut. ===
2015-03-20 23.16.05

Conference Room from the Outside

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